Dogs and cats breathe love, joy, and peace into our lives. 

They are among our greatest teachers.

They connect us to our spirits. 

I invite the invisible to become visible.  

With inner peace, let's envision peace in the world.

Lori A. Cheung


Pets for World Peace

Award-winning Pet Photographer
Lori A. Cheung

As seen in
O, the Oprah Magazine

and on Animal Planet​

Award-winning Pet Photographer, Lori A. Cheung, has photographed for over 40 years (that’s 280 happy dog years!).   She is an expert in capturing the essence of dogs, cats, horses, and their humans.

She is the Founder of ThePetPhotographer.com, ThePortraitPhotographer.com, and Pets for World Peace. Her intention is to inspire love and joy.  Lori's style illuminates the essence and brilliance of her subjects.

Lori lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels internationally for photo shoots.  Lori's dynamic and passionate photography honors and celebrates animals and people's legacies through fine art photography.

Lori's celebrity clients include winners of the Olympic Games, Academy Award, and Grammy Award. She's been published by the NY Times, and in international books by Chronicle Books, Time Warner Books, and others.

Awards and Honors

  • Best Photographer, Finalist, voted by readers of East Bay Express Magazine, San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Best Dog Photographer, Winner, voted by readers of Bay Woof Magazine.
  • World Wildlife Fund's international photo contest, Finalist.  Judges selected Lori's winning photo from 10,000 entries.
  • Featured in bestselling books, including Cats 24/7: Extraordinary Photographs of Wonderful Cats.  Judges selected Lori's winning portrait from 50,000 entries.
  • Celebrity Photography Judge, The Humane Society International and The United States Humane Society.
  • ForeWord Book of the Year Award, Finalist, Photographer, My Amazing Day: A Celebration of Wonder and Gratitude.
  • Pet and Wildlife Ambassador, World Peace One Foundation, producer of global concert fundraisers (such as Live Aid, Farm Aid, and Comedy Relief). Chaired by Mr. Claes Nobel, Nobel Prize Family.
  • Global Community Service Award, Women's International Network, in honor of International Women's Day.
  • Heart and Soul Award, PAWS, for extraordinary volunteerism.
  • Graduated from U.C. Berkeley with Honors, Environmental Sciences and Biology.  Studied photography with Professor Paul Bishop (member of Group f.64 with Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham).
  • Ambassador and Interviewer for UC Berkeley Leadership Awards, California Alumni Association

Creativity, Inspiration, Artistic Vision? 

It's in her DNA.  Lori was born into a family of professional photographers and creative entrepreneurs.

In the 1960s, Lori watched her dad, a pro photographer, capture the spirit of her family, pets, and clients. Her tiny fingers played and crunched his warm photography bulbs.  She was infused with creativity, attention to delicate details, and patience.  Craftsmanship.  Being open to possibilities...  

At 10 years old, Lori developed film in her school's darkroom.  Absorbed and feeling timeless... In the midst of inhaling photo processing chemicals and dim red light, she filled with wonder.  The blank photographic paper magically became visible with art, like her mom's yummy food...joy radiated from raw ingredients.  From invisibility, life became visible.  Her pets, family, and friends became visible.  Beauty and truth captured in the moments...
Lori’s childhood companions included:  Mitzi, the terrier mix;  Mini-Poo, Mimi, and Muffin, the poodle mixes;  Jeepers, the parakeet;  Tiki, the cockatiel;  Dinky, the turtle;  Guppies;  Goldie, the goldfish (won with a ping-pong ball plopping into the fish bowl at the fair);  teeny tiny crabs from San Francisco Bay;  and Planaria (aquatic worms that regenerate body parts, even eyes!) she rescued from her scientific experiments in 5th grade.
In the 1980s, Lori graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in Environmental Sciences and Biology.  She became a successful Environmental Consultant and Project Manager, leading teams of environmental scientists and engineers (biologists, geologists, hydrologists, archaeologists, traffic engineers, air quality specialists, noise consultants, architects, lawyers, and more "ologists."  Lori managed environmental impact reports and habitat conservation plans to save endangered species.
In 2001, Lori returned home from her skyscraper office, after a very stressful day at work.  She turned on the tv and Oprah asked: “What is your passion?”  Days passed...while enjoying dinner with her family, out of the blue, Lori declared, “I want to be a Pet Photographer.“  Lori's sister beamed with confidence and said, "Do it."  Lori volunteered to photograph for animal shelters and other nonprofits, and her photography business grew quickly.

Family, friends, teachers, and mentors deeply inspire Lori.  She is also inspired by zillions of educational/environmental/humanitarian non-profits... she donates and does pro-bono work to help them thrive.

Flash is Lori's muse and mascot.  He inspires every breath.  He is 7 inches tall, 6 lbs. 8 oz., about the weight of a bag of organic kibble. Flash was appointed Chief of PUPlick Affairs, and his favorite duty is to fetch and deliver donations to nonprofits that he and Lori supports.  He ordained himself as CEO, Chief Exuberance Officer.  Flash believes he is a Great Dane, and he proudly struts on w.a.l.k.s even though cats tower over him.

Pets for World Peace

Lori and Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund) created Pets For World Peace to inspire, educate and fundraise for many nonprofits, such as the Humane Society and SPCA.  Pets for World Peace supports nonprofits with photography, visual brand messaging, PR, strategic planning, and more.
Lori photographs media campaigns for gala fundraisers including the SPCA’s “Bark and Whine Ball,” PAWS’ “Petchitecture,” the Humane Society’s “Mozart for Mutts and Meows,” Ritz Carlton's "Yappy Hours" and the W Hotel’s cocktail fundraisers.  She photographed animals rescued by the Maui Humane Society, the Royal SPCA in London, and Peace Mexico.


  • Pets and animals (Lori has photographed thousands of dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, mice, fish, birds, snakes, lizards, exotic animals...even a hermit crab).
  • Maternity, babies, children, families
  • Business headshots
  • Portraits to powerfully capture a brand and create successful marketing campaigns
  • events (fundraisers, grand openings, retreats, parties, anniversaries, weddings)
  • products (art, high tech, fashion, etc.)

Lori had the honor of photographing TEDx Marin, the Wisdom 2.0 Conferences, Bioneers Conferences, the Gandhi Tour at the Sundance Film Festival, Dr. Jane Goodall, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Michael Beckwith, United Nations Ambassador Byron Blake, philanthropists Ted Turner and Vanessa Getty, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, Stedman Graham, the President of Rwanda, United Nations officials, and others.  

​Clients include:  Families, professionals and executives (from Google, Facebook, SalesForce, PIXAR, etc.), companies, nonprofits, and organizations such as UC Berkeley, International House, Marin Shakespeare Company.

Vibrant Style

Lori's style is candid, playful, and exuberant. An everyday moment transforms into an extraordinary one when viewed through Lori’s camera lens. Her portraits illuminate and reveal the inner sparkle of her subjects.

​Her unique ability to capture the defining moment is legendary.

Lori's photography celebrates animals and people by capturing their beauty and wonder.  She creates art from her heart.  Lori specializes in fun portrait sessions at beaches, parks, homes, vineyards, iconic landmarks, and other inspiring locations.