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Wags of Wisdom New Entry  

Pets For World Peace
by loriacheung on 
Animals breathe grace into our lives.  They connect us to our spirits.  With inner peace, I envision peace in our world.   Lori A. Cheung

Founder of Pets for World Peace and


Pets for World Peace is an international community that celebrates the love and joy between people and animals.  The friendships made in this community promote connection, compassion, and generosity in our world. 

We provide pro-bono photography, art direction, creativity, and free publicity to promote and fundraise for non-profits, such as the SPCA and Humane Society.  We support non-profits to help animals, people, and our environment.  For example, Lori recently photographed non-profits whose animals and volunteers help kids and adults with autism, cancer, and other physical and mental challenges.


We are creating a “United Nations of Pets” and nominating Ambassadors in the US, the UK, Asia, Africa, and beyond to inspire joy and peace.


We are looking for PURRfect partners (non-profits, businesses, sponsors, volunteers). Please contact us to discuss a potential collaboration.

If you are a dog, cat, bunny, horse, or other animal who inspires love and joy, please contact us to become a Pets for World Peace Ambassador:


Wishing you joy & wags!

Lori A. Cheung & Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund)

Chief Exuberance Officers (CEOs)

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Dalai Lama - Passion for Peace
by loriacheung on 

Have you ever delighted in watching animals and babies take a nap?  They look completely at peace.  Whenever I watch my dog, Flash, napping, I feel peaceful.  I am in gratitude and feel like I am living in the present moment.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being with The Dalai Lama.  The joy and playfulness that he embodies inspires me.  He said, "Take care of the earth, it is your only home, be kind to one another..."

The Dalai Lama does not talk a lot to express his intention, rather he radiates it.  I am amazed at how our dogs, cats, and other animals communicate clearly and powerfully too, without words.

Wishing you oceans of joy,
Lori & Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund)

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"Jing Ding" means Destiny
by loriacheung on 

After Flash mindfully crunched his kibble, he whispered to me that he's been contemplating what to blog about.

Flash said that helping people makes him happy.  He said he would love for us to inspire our world and to create Pets for World Peace.  Although Flash is 6 lbs., 8 oz., and shorter in length than a laptop, Flash thinks BIG.


I promised Flash that I was committed to inspire the world with him.


One of my earliest childhood memories is of my mom saying "Jing Ding" every time something great happened, a synchronistic event.  "Jing Ding" in Chinese means Destiny.

Recently, after photographing and having dinner with Bob Proctor (he is in the movie, "The Secret") in Las Vegas, I introduced myself to the smiling woman, Felicia, sitting next to me.  Felicia said I looked familiar and asked if I was on a YouTube video.  It just popped up on her screen one day.


I replied yes, that Katie, from Entrepreneur Goddess, interviewed me to inspire people to pursue their passion.  Felicia, from Florida, said that her friend, a pro photographer in New York, was depressed and despondent because the economy hit his business hard.  Months ago Felicia called him and recommended that he watch my interview.  He did, and Felicia happily reports that he now has more business than he can handle.  He is smiling again.


p.s.  I love you Mom, thank you for encouraging me to search for "Jing Ding" moments.  Katie, thank you for the interview. I had no idea we would make a difference in someone's life.  Felicia, thank you for proving that we inspire each other in magical ways.


Flash of Insight:  We never know who we're inspiring.  Just being who we are, we will contribute to lives in ways we cannot imagine.  What we focus on expands.


Wishing you oceans of love and joy,

Lori & Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund)


Enjoy the video:


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Poem: My First Day At the Beach, by Flash, the chiweenie (chihuahua-dachshund)
by loriacheung on 

My First Day At the Beach


I am Flash, the chiweenie!  


I am CEO (Chief Exuberant Officer) of


Today is my First Day at the Beach.


I've never felt the cold, crunchy sand, or the sea salty air fill my body.


I feel so Alive.


The breeze makes my ears sail like kites.


I fly!


I am 8 inches tall but I am powerful and grand, like a Great Dane.


Today is the beginning of a new day.


In this Moment, all I see is Joy.


I call this my "Escape From Alcatraz" portrait.


My name is Flash, not just a camera part but so much more...


A flash illuminates Spirit, it radiates Light.


I am here to remind you of who you are.


You are here to gather Love, that is all.

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