Lori A. Cheung is the Annie Leibovitz of the animal world.  Lori's amazing energy makes pets glow with star quality.
Felicia A. Benzo, Dream Achiever Enterprises

Lori A. Cheung is a visionary photographer whose talent is only matched by the size of her heart.  A longtime champion of Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), Lori has volunteered countless hours capturing the spirit of the human-animal bond in vivid photographs that speak volumes through their simplicity, grace and humor.  We’re proud and grateful to count her among our very best of friends. Lori is the recipient of the Heart and Soul Award for extraordinary volunteerism.
John L. Lipp, Executive Director, PAWS
Not enough can be said about the magic of Lori Cheung.  She is more than a photographer - she is a shaman changing the world for the better.  The spectacular images of my beautiful kids (dachshunds) are THE focal point of my new home.  I will always treasure my shoot with dear Lori.  I am truly a better person after knowing her.
Adam Hunter, Actor (in Julie Taymor's The Lion King) 
Lori is an amazing and inspiring person.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with her.  She's by far, the most fun-loving, inspiring photographer to work with and I could feel my spirit unfolding when we took the pictures.  I am convinced they embody what I stand for and what she stands for -- bringing Love to the world.
Catherine Garceaux, Olympic Medalist, Sydney Olympic Games
Lori Cheung is the best pet photographer I have ever met.  Lori’s manner is positive, perky and magnetic!  With one glance of her expert eye, she instantly knew my strong points, from my periwinkle blue eyes to my luxurious white fur with marmalade point markings.  The portraits she took are masterpieces.  They say animals are the best judge of people.  I would put Lori in the top category of all humans.  Thank you so much, Lori!
Winston, Maine Coon cat
(Winston's humans are Grammy-nominated Conductor George Cleve and Flautist Maria Tamburrino)

I have been very lucky to work with Lori, who is an award-winning pet photographer and has been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, Animal Planet, and international books and press.  Lori is a visionary who easily comes up with ideas to accomplish our goals. She is intelligent, creative, and energetic. She is very passionate about animal welfare and non-profit organizations and has traveled all over the world to photograph the spirit of animals in their natural habitat.  She is also the Founder of Pets for World Peace, which was created to support animal rescue, animal therapy for humans, veterinarians, dog rescue of humans in earthquakes and other emergencies. Lori's devotion to contributing to non-profits and humanitarian activities was recently recognized on a global level by winning the International Women's Day Community Service Award.
Joy Randel, Dazzle Dog Delight
Lori, you are beyond awesome.  Our event at Gump’s was a truly unique celebration honoring the Chinese New Year--Year of the Dog.  Lori and her team welcomed each dog with genuine love and care, and Lori photographed with skill and professionalism!  Her enthusiasm is evident from the moment that you meet her and continues as you witness the photo shoot and the amazing rapport that she has with each animal!  It was such a pleasure to plan and execute this event with Lori Cheung that I wish I didn’t have to wait another 12 years, for the next Year of the Dog, to host such a fun-filled event!
Carmen Roberson, Director of Retail Marketing, Gump’s
Our photo shoot with Lori and our two Siberian Huskies was such a fun experience!  We were totally blown away with the awesome location Lori picked, the time she spent with us, and especially when we viewed the gorgeous portraits.  For the very first time, we have a fantastic family portrait.  In fact, my husband and I both agreed that this was the most priceless and meaningful gift we have ever received.  A special thanks to my dear friend Michelle for giving us the incredible gift certificate and to Lori Cheung for her amazing artistic talent!
Wendy, Bill, & the Huskies, Vedder & Angel 
Lori is an angel.  I saw her work on display and knew she had to photograph the love of my life, Buster Brown.  We had an amazing day, all of us together, playing on the beach.  But, seeing the slideshow she put together for my first viewing of the photos was more moving than I thought possible.  They were gorgeous.  Buster recently passed away.  I had my own photos I had taken of him, but the magic of Lori's photos has brought me much comfort.  She has captured the essence of Buster's and my relationship so purely, now I know I will never forget.  Each photo reveals piece by piece Buster's incredible personality and pride.  Moreover, I know I have a means to share with my family and friends something words could never fully express.  Thank you would never be enough.  She is my angel.  
Dr. Patricia Huertas
Our two Maltese dogs look so fabulous in the photos that Lori has taken of them that I figured there was hope for me.  I asked Lori to take my publicity shots for my book, My Answer is NO...If that's OK with You. She was wonderfully attuned to color and texture and lighting and I couldn't be happier with the photos. The publisher's staff at Simon & Schuster told me that they "gushed" when they saw them.  
Nanette Gartrell, MD 
Lori Cheung has an amazing ability to capture the soul of the animals that she photographs, showing their personalities and joy.  Lori is passionate about animals and photography which is evident in every shot.  She has a wonderful patience with the animals and the ability to make them relax and forget about the camera lens so they can just be 'themselves.'  Lori herself shines with joy and love when photographing her 'models.'  It is my pleasure to know her and to have some gorgeous pictures of my own dog taken by her.
Dr. Michelle Shanson, Veterinarian, London, UK
Lori is an amazing person and extraordinary photographer.  I pride myself on experience with photographers and can testify that she has a unique gift of capturing the spirit of a being in her beautifully orchestrated art.  Colours and energy are vibrant and her pictures tell stories the world is longing to hear.  I learned something about myself from her portraits, coaxed out by Lori's sparking and deeply nurturing approach.  This is truly inspiring!  She will get your face to tell wonderful secrets you didn't know, it's as if my soul was tickled to come out and play.  Rarely has anyone captured the essence of "me" in a portrait like Lori has.  I can only recommend you to work with Lori.
Evelyne Brink, London, UK's #1 Madonna Impersonator, Singer-Songwriter, Comedienne
Lori photographed our dog Annabelle and our 4-month old son Aidan.  Her passion and energy are contagious.  With her "sixth sense" she was able to capture the true essence of Annabelle and Aidan.  Her eye for detail is like no other photographer I have seen.  Lori is willing to do whatever it takes to get “the shot.”  In the past, getting Aidan photographed was a bit stressful. My experience working with Lori was not only effortless but fun!  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get a truly magical shot of their child and pet.
Kelley Swaine
Hosting Lori at our fundraising event for the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society was pure magic.  She brings such joy and passion to her work.  We can't wait until next year so we can do this all again!!!!  What an experience to have everyone leaving so elated with their pet portraits.  People are already asking if they can sign up for next year!!!  Thank you Lori, what a joy to experience your magical charisma.
Diana Gordon, Owner, Ketér Salon
Dear Lori, I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience that Lily and I had during our photo shoot with you!  I have worked with other photographers and I can't tell you how much you stand out from all the rest!  I have never met anyone that has as much love and compassion for what they do!  You loved Lily from the first moment you saw her and were happy and thrilled to be photographing her.  She is a very shy but she could sense your wonderful spirit and she instantly felt comfortable.  You have an amazing ability to capture the perfect photo and create a priceless memory!  For that I am truly grateful.  You have the most calm, relaxed, fun, friendly nature about you and not only is it easy for my dog to feel that instant friendship but for me as well. 
Thank you! Sincerely, Wendy and Lily, the Yorkshire Terrier 
Being photographed by Lori is a very special treat, the joy, the ease, the professionalism, committment to Excellence, and playfulness makes the experience something you will never forget.  It touches your HEART and Soul at a deep level.  I truly felt like I was so special, a total experience of Honor, Respect, Joy and Play.  If you are looking for the BEST, want absolute Excellence, and Total Creativity, then look no further than Lori Cheung, she is a Master craftsman.  
Sailesh Ranchod, Author of Be Clear Now
My sister called me out of the blue and surprised me with a gift certificate to have amazing portraits taken by Lori Cheung.  She captured the essence and spirit of my dog Bijou that I didn't even know existed!  Treat yourself or someone you love to this unique gift.
Pilar Headley 
What a privilege to work with Lori Cheung, who has such an unwavering passion for what she does.  Lori shares her gift of vision so effortlessly and with such enthusiasm, she captures your essence with elegance.  Lori is an inspiration in every sense of the word.  What an utter pleasure!!!  Thank you.
Bronwyn Boyle, Archetypes For Life 
Lori, You are incredible!! I continue to be amazed by the fact that you are ALWAYS there.  Not only for Rocket Dog Rescue but for the "cause" as a whole.  Everywhere there is something good being done for animals you seem to be there driving it on.  Your energy, your amazing talent and above all, the positive energy you bring to everything you do is contagious.  I'm SO happy to have you on the team.
Jeff Harris, Rocket Dog Rescue 
Lori was a joy to work with in every way.  She was so creative in finding ways to capture the very essence of our 24-year old cat's personality and character.  She combines her deep understanding and love of animals, with her technical skill as a photographer to create photos that are unique and alive.  It is a privilege to know and work with Lori.
Belinda and Jack Sweet 
Dear Lori, I’m writing to let you know how thrilled we are with the pictures you took of our latest event.  You have once again shown us what it is like to work with a true professional, and you will forever be known in our household as our Official Family Photographer!  Not only is your work exquisite, your spirit shines through every shot.  Countless guests at our party commented on how delightful it was to watch you do your magic.  I will only add how easy it is to communicate and work with you, and that the final result is everything and more that we had hoped it would be.  Thank you again for adding value to everything you touch.  It will be my pleasure to refer you to anyone I come in contact with who is looking for the best when it comes to photography.
Betty Jo Waxman, Productive Learning & Leisure
I contacted Lori when I knew I would soon have to put my Golden Retriever, Boomer, down due to cancer and she graciously arranged her schedule to accommodate ours.  Lori was fabulous with Boomer, very patient and understanding and knew the importance of my desire to document his sweet personality.  I am so glad Lori captured how special he was and I cherish all the photos.  I look at them often.  I recommend Lori Cheung, The Pet Photographer for a wonderful experience, with both creativity and a love of animals.  Lori's passion and understanding make all the difference.  The portraits honor Boomer's legacy and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Chris Sidner To know Lori, is to know that she has the utmost respect for all creatures great and small. This respect is evident during her portrait sessions with the furry four-footed stars. Harley, our German wire-haired pointer/shepherd mix, saw in Lori, a kind, friendly soul. Harley trustingly and open-heartedly showed her his soul while peering through his beautiful blonde bangs into her lens. Our portraits of Harley's character and spirit are works of love that will live forever in our home.
Patty Hogg Jordan, Landscape Architect
A click of a button, the flash of light, and Lori not only steals your soul, but also returns it in its purest, loveliest form.
Maria Alexander, Writer, Tales of the Handless Poet
Lori is the best outdoor candid pet photographer we’ve ever seen! She has the most amazing eye for composition, color, and capturing the unique personalities of every pet. We feel extremely lucky to show her work in our store, feature her images on our website, and host her fantastic talents during our pet portrait days.
Richard Shiu, Owner, Best in Show
I have never looked so beautiful.
Saki Claire, Maltese
Even the most shy pets will discover their inner "Supermodel" when Lori photographs them!  My EXTREMELY shy guinea pig, Topper ran out to see Lori when she arrived.  He calmy chomped on hay and then posed beautifully for Lori.  I rescued Brumby from the Alameda County Animal Shelter and Topper at a private guinea pig rescue where he was one of over 100 guinea pigs wishing for a home. If you can provide a home, search the internet for "guinea pig rescue." Once you discover guinea pig love, there is no going back!  
Deb Kennedy 
Making the commitment to having a professional portrait taken is declaring your readiness for advancement to come into your life.  Be prepared for Lori Cheung to capture your greater self  — not just your exterior but who you are on the interior.  Lori's gift is like no other — her portraits elevate your image to match your highest goals.  I will continue to have Lori take my portrait at every new level of professional achievement.  They are a celebration of who I am committed to becoming and what I have achieved.  I am very proud of my portraits and thankful to Lori.
Sharon Thompson, Creative Director
Lori, the Pet Photographer, was a gift for me in honor of Fresco’s 10th birthday.  I wanted portraits of us in our garden where we spend so much joyous time together.  I thought I would get some terrific photos for my album.  Well, terrific photos I certainly received, in great abundance.  But what I also got were 9 gorgeous enlargements.  I took down several pieces of art and replaced them with these fabulous portraits of joy.  Every day when I encounter those images I smile and feel such happiness.  The portraits are absolutely spectacular! I also got the entire photo shoot on a DVD -- a movie version of the entire experience!  I ended up with so much more than I ever expected.
Dr. Polly Bloomberg, Therapist
As a pet store owner and animal lover, I have never worked with a better pet photographer than Lori Cheung. Her enthusiasm and eye for creativity, along with her clear love of animals makes her a joy to work with. Lori has a true passion for animals that is clearly evident in the beauty of her work.
Brianna Claire, Owner, City Dogs Boutique and Barkery
You truly captured Latimer's essence. Your portraits of him shows how radiant and happy he is. They make me feel that he's right there in front of me! Every time I look at them I feel like he's ready to jump out to give me hugs and kisses. My parents summed it up best: it's as if the photos are alive...that they're not really photos after all, they're truly him, vivid, so life-like, almost 3-dimensional.
Leni Doyle, Court of Justice Administrator
My cat Huck is 21 years old, and I needed to have portraits of him that would do him justice.  I chose Lori because her photographs show animals the way we see them -- often from only a few inches away, looking deep into their eyes, every hair important.  The level of detail is the result of the best high-resolution digital photography.  I've enjoyed many of the images Lori's created without even knowing the animals in them, so I knew what she created would have artistic value beyond the documentary aspect of a simple portrait.  My favorite portrait is a pose of Huck like those in paintings of Renaissance noblemen.  The effect is intimate and spectacular.  Huck is a wise fellow and a close companion, and now I have lovely images of that and lasting works of art, thanks to Lori's expertise.
Peigi Cleminshaw, Hound's Tooth Check
If you want pet photographs of heirloom quality, Lori Cheung is your ticket.  The passion she has for her art is infectious and you will watch your dog or cat exposing their personality to her with complete abandon.  My dog Merlin's Hollywood smile was perfected and captured by Lori's lens.  I give her 10+ stars!!
Joy Bonehill, The Barking Lot Grooming Salon
Lori is a gifted photographer with a special ability to capture the true nature and beauty of our animal friends.  She is especially skilled at capturing the essence of a moment whether she is photographing humans or animals or the relationships between the two.
Dawn Nelson, Author, From the Heart Through the Hands and Making Friends with Cancer
Lori is absolutely amazing!  She has a unique ability to capture the spirit and heart of her subjects.  I treasure the portraits of Willoughby and will remember our fun photo adventure forever!
Dr. Kristen Haviland, DVM, Veterinarian, Pets Unlimited
Not only is Lori's pet photography outstanding, she is truly a joy to work with!  Lori listened to our vision and then brought that alive through her photographs.
Jim Clark, DVM, MBA, Pet Emergency & Specialty Centers
Having my best friend recorded for all time and surrounded in such splendor brings a smile to my heart on a daily basis.  Leal is the sweetest companion, now I can preserve our memories and share them too!  These vibrant photos bring a thousand precious feelings.
Liane Yukl, Esthetician/Accupressurist
We are delighted with the quality of Lori's work and her warm professionalism.  She has an amazing eye for bringing out the personality and character of Lucky and Zoe.  We received great support and attention throughout the entire process, from photo shoot to selection of portraits.
Heather Beal, Consultant and James Beal, Attorney
I was just looking through my portraits of Dolce and wanted to say again THANK YOU for the amazing shots.  You captured his spirit and energy.  The photos take my breath away each time I look at them.  In fact, they make me emotional because I can see and feel his energy!  I will cherish them for the rest of my life, thank you!
Mollie Harris Tunks, SPCA
I recently had the opportunity to watch Lori in action and was awe-struck at seeing how much joy she gets out of what she does.  It's obvious that she sincerely loves animals and photography and that comes through in the images she captures.  You can feel the passion and intensity she brings to each session.  Murphy absolutely loved Lori and he can't wait until he gets another chance to mug for her again.
Dawn Maas, Nanny
Lori's kind and gentle presence allowed our bunny Haiku to feel so comfortable during her photo session, her personality and spirit truly shine. Thanks again for EVERYTHING Lori!  We love Haiku's portraits - they are just beyond adorable!  
Tania Fardella, 24 Carrot Lane
Our pet portraits by Lori are a lifetime keepsake for my entire family and me!
Elena Bicker, Director of Marketing, Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation
I can't thank you enough for all of your time, energy and great zest for life, projected at our pet fashion show.  Everyone was taken by your special essence.  Really and truly.  We are so appreciative to have you assist in the documentation of our fundraiser for the Peninsula Humane Society.  The time and effort was priceless.  All of our efforts will help our furry friends be better off.  As you know, that in itself is worth all of the time.
Shawna Coen, Plaza de Paws
Lori, I must say how impressed I am at how you were able to captivate Shadow’s personality through your photographs.  You are truly gifted! I am grateful for the beautiful portraits we now have of our companion. I will gladly and confidently recommend your services/talents to everyone.
Rachel Rosemont, Owner, City Dogs Boutique and Barkery
Our photo session with Lori was a revelation!  I've been taking photos of Louie for years, but Lori revealed him in an entirely new light.  We loved her enthusiasm and warmth.  Lori brought out the best in us both.  We loved the session and we love the portraits!
Louie, the Sharpei and Andrea, College Educator 
Lori's delightful pet images knock me out.  She does a brilliant job of capturing spirit and spontaneity of the critters she's photographing.  Lori has a unique ability to preserve moments that personify her animal subjects, showing the characteristics their people hold most dear.
Marv Lyons, Professional Photographer and Founder of Safari to Survival
The pet photos of my dear fuzzy babies are so very heartwarming.  Lori captured the essence of unconditional love in their eyes, the clear and true windows into my heart.
Deborah Geyer, Jack and Winnie’s mom